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United Kingdom
Ive had this account for a long time and really just posted images mostly as a sort of...drop box. Id mostly draw images related to role-playing games I was in and would upload them so I had easy access to them to show people in the games.

The last few months however ive been drawing to try and objectively get better. I am making progress I think but ive still got a long way to go!.

My Drawing style is really slow it typically takes me 5 to 8 hours to draw my simpler images and probably half again as long for my more complex ones : /

I am however experimenting with a mix of simpler images, forcing myself to move a little faster and switching to a different shading style. I probably wont stay on this shading forever but for a bit for the sake of practice the faster drawings I think for a while ill primarily be concentrating on this. If I draw faster, I can iterate more and hopefully improve faster.

I am going to update these details shortly in more detail but i wanted to quickly clarify information on requests

I am open to requests but I reserve the right to decline if I am too busy, It involves too many new elements at once (I am not a skilled artist and can only handle so many 'firsts' per image : ) ), or is simple very complicated and would be difficult.

I am unlikely to accept requests which involve more than one character as I am a very slow drawer and multiple characters becomes similar to multiple drawings.

I am far more likely to accept requests from watchers, however if the request from a non watcher happened to be something I personally liked the idea of drawing, I may still do it.

Essentially feel free to ask, I can only say no : p but I am more likely to accept straightforward requests of drawing 1 charachter, than complicated requests or multi-charachter images.


A modern Dragon
So its been a little while since ive uploading something and to be honest my rate of updates is likely to remain veyr low for a while, Life has got a bit akward and busy recently though not to worry its sort of stable now if still leaivng me without a huge amount of free time.

anyway this image is of a char I intend to play in a M&M game, the basic idea being he has escaped from a 'fictional universe; after it was given life by a sorceror/mutant. I love the idea of the charachter being bound by the cannon of the universe so something like a new book being released in the series can affect their appearance or abilities and a villan could try and get copyright on the material to mess with you. I just love this concept

The image itself I am really happy with. the background less so but that was a quick thing to show off that they are quite large, I had considered posting sans background.

This was an image that proved very difficult to find references for : (, I cannot draw without references and so i tend to use 4 or 5 references per image where I can. For this one it turned out the pot bellied, storybook style of Dragon just does not seem to be in fashion! and I had real trouble getting help with shapes. in the end I used some charizard images to help with the pose! I think this is a real shame because I really like this style of dragon and it should be more common!!

I also considered adding a heavy stroke to the Dragon to make it look mroe comic booky since M&M is a superhero themed game but In the end although it looked quite good I think with a heavy stroke I think I prefer it like this as it looked more in my 'style'

I also had some issues with colours, I knew shading a black dragon would be difficult and while I think I have mostly got away with I do frown slightly when I look at the mouth line

Anyway I hope peeps like this! More stuff to some point
Scion of Anubis
I quite like the glitzy Egyptian priestess/Arabian princess look and I've used it in a few pictures.

I wanted to draw a were Jackal as i wanted to draw something before going for the next page of the 'comic' I am working on.

I am pretty happy with this. The face was a bit off before I coloured and while its not perfect it looked a lot better once coloured. I had wanted to do her with gold lipstick but the black just looked a little better. If there was a way to upload variations of a picture in one post I would do so but I don't want to post it as a separate image so black it is!

A lot of my figures look stiff and the pose isn't very natural, I feel this one is a fair bit better for that! anyway hope you guys like it!
'The Dark Star' Page 1
So this is a bit of an odd one!

I have a friend running a tabletop Marvel game in a few months and I thought it might be fun to do the backstory in the form of a comic. Now realistically I cannot draw a comic. I am too slow a drawer, it would take me forever and I just do not have the range. I like to only tackle a couple of 'new' elements per picture and even this reduced comic is a little scary in some ways!

So this is just intended to be a summary or an 'excerpt' I'm only planning for it to be 3 pages long with potential a cover, but the cover will be the same as one of the panels.

In order to make this even remotely viable im going to reuse panels where I can, Im going to do highly simplified shading and I will need to just accept some of the art may be below key for me, even then I am still expecting it to take me quite a while!

Ultimately its the concept that is fun I think, for it to go down well it doesn't need to be all that amazing and actually this page at least I think came out okay! I do quite like perspective drawing because I dont need any skill for it! : D

However the side effect of something like this is outside context it doesn't necessarily make much sense, Its not intended to be a complete story. its an excerpt that will go with a written backstory. all in all its probably not going to be much interest to people outside the actual game : C. So Apologies! I probably wont be producing much that makes all that much sense for a little while, while I finish this. and I am probably not going to submit it to any groups as I feel like it would make even less sense to people randomly browsing pictures!
Art Trade - super Cute Ran
My half of my first ever art trade! with the talented  Psych0Dog (Please see their wonderful drawing of cow form Sophie! Click here!

Psych0 very kindly requested i draw one of a choice of characters with no other specifications so I was able to consider what I might like to do myself

I decided on 2 goals. 1 wanted to draw a super cute, traditional cat girl-esque Ran and that I wanted to draw something that contained plenty of detail. I think I was successful on both of these but..the level of detail made it take a lot more time than expected!

On the image itself I am actually rather happy with the results. There are some issues with the angle of the feet but apart from that im pretty happy with it.

Another issue perhaps is whether it looks enough like the character it was based on. I wanted to draw it in my own style but it opened a lot of questions about what is style and what is design.

For example I usually draw anthros/Kemonomi with fairly large ears and tails. So you could say that's somewhat signature, but is my style to draw characters like that? or is it that I design characters like that and should have drawn them smaller because that's how this character is designed. Equally my shading style is a bit different which made matching colours fairly hard. I think I am still learning, and working out protocol on these kind of things.

I am fairly tempted to do a  journal about this, a discussion on style vs design but this can wait I think.

Anyway I hope you like it Psycho! ^^ I certainly liked yours!

Finally again Im not convinced this stuff is needed but ive seen others do it. Ran belongs to Psych0dog. I give Psych0 rights to upload, reupload, edit, etc. I just request i am referenced as the original artist
Hey everyone

I am sorry ive been quiet recently, Essentially ive lost my job and its been pretty difficult. thats the reason ive not been about. I will be back soon! Ill hopefully submit something before the end of next week.

Stay safe everyone. Ill post soon



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Hey! I've got a proposition for you!
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How about an art trade?
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I would be delighted to do an art trade! (ive never actually done one though! its basically alternative requests right?)
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how are you??
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Im not bad thanks, Life has been a little awkward recently as detailed but things are settling down into a Rhythm and I have hopes things will improve soon, how about yourself?
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